Policy Briefs and Reports

State leadership guide for engaging stakeholders in continuous improvement of English learner programs and services during COVID-19 and beyond, Council of Chief State School Officers. See webinar info here.

Pages from CCSSO_RR_State_Leadership Final

Access and Equity for English Learner Students and Families During COVID-19: Recommendations for State Leaders

Academic Progress for English Learners: The Role of School Language Environment and Course Placement in Grades 6-12, Public Policy Institute of California. See public event info here.

Understanding and Supporting the Educational Needs of Recently Arrived Immigrant English Learner Students: Lessons for States and Local Education Agencies, Council of Chief State School Officers

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The social side Of capability: Improving educational performance by attending to teachers’ and school leaders’ interactions about instruction, Shanker Blog

Beyond the individual teacher: Developing social capital in schools and school systems,  AJE Forum

Teach For America at 20: Add a year of training to the model. Thoughts on Public Education

Media Mentions

My partnership work with the Hazleton Integration Project was highlighted in Hazleton’s local paper, The Standard Speaker:

Afterschool learning grows at city center

Study examines city’s changes in immigration, education

As well as by Penn State News:

Teaching technology

Partnership offers future teachers experience with English language learners

I had the honor of discussing my dissertation research on National Public Radio:

Rise in Spanish speakers has school trying to adapt

As a former Teach For America corps member who has written about how the organization should improve its model, I have been interviewed about TFA:

Where teachers come from, Pacific Standard Magazine

TFA faces a California showdown over qualifications to teach English learnersEducation Week

Teach For America met with big questions in face of expansionHuffington Post

Teach For America: Elite corps or costing older teachers jobs? USA Today

Why Teach For AmericaNew York Times Magazine