University of California, San Diego, Department of Education Studies

EDS 125: History, Politics, and Theory of Bilingual Education (Undergraduate)

EDS 130: Introduction to Academic Mentoring of Elementary School Students (Undergraduate)

EDS 255: Advanced Quantitative Analysis (Ph.D.)

EDS 281: Leadership for Learning (EdD)

EDS 264: Introduction to Qualitative Methods (PhD)

EDS 288B: Advanced Qualitative Methods (PhD)

EDS 297: Immigration and Education (PhD)

EDS 351: Teaching the English Language Learner (M.Ed.)

EDS 352: Bilingual Instructional Practices (M.Ed.)

University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Education

CI 472: English Language Proficiency Assessment and ESL Instruction

CI 594-1: Bi/Multilingual Education Policy: Issues in Leadership, Teacher Education, and Instruction

The Pennsylvania State University, College of Education

CI 597E/EDLDR 589: Mixed Methods Design in Educational Research

CI 280: Introduction to Teaching English Language Learners

WL ED 411: Methods of Teaching World Languages in Grades 1-5

CI 497E: Teaching Reading and Writing to English Language Learners

Loyola University Chicago, School of Education

CIEP M78: Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL

CIEP 375: Theoretical Foundations of ELL/Bilingual Education

Northwestern University, School of Education and Social Policy

MSEd 460: Practicum in School Leadership

University of California, Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

ED315B: Methods for Teaching Writing in the Elementary Grades

ED409: Language Structure, Acquisition, and Use